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With WeChat Go Malaysia, WeChat Mini Programs and WeChat Pay, it is now easier than ever for businesses to reach out to millions of Chinese tourists who frequently choose Malaysia as their preferred holiday destination.

WeChat Go Malaysia

The complete Malaysia travel guide catered to Chinese travellers

Increase Brand Awareness

With WeChat Go Malaysia, your business can now reach out to potential new customers and further drive footfall to your stores.

Get Discovered Easily

The seamless integration of WeChat Mini Programs within the WeChat app enables ease of access and discovery of your products or services.

Enjoy Greater Convenience

As a one-stop travelling solution, WeChat Go Malaysia streamlines the experience to be more convenient for customers and merchants.

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WeChat Go Malaysia

with the WeChat ecosystems.

WeChat Mini Programs

The powerful brand and use-case centric in-app tool for businesses by WeChat

WeChat Mini Programs

The powerful brand and use-case centric in-app tool for businesses by WeChat

Customisable to Business Needs

Build your own WeChat Mini Programs with a tailored user experience to meet your business goals.

Seamless User Experience

Easily accessible via the WeChat app with no additional installation required and immediately tap into the pool of existing WeChat users.

Making Businesses Discoverable

Expand your customer base and attract more eyeballs and footfalls through hyperlocal location-based targeting.

WeChat Pay

The preferred payment method of Chinese travellers powered by WeChat

Preferred Payment Choice

The trusted and preferred cross-border payment choice because of its familiarity amongst Chinese travellers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Chinese travellers can pay for your products and services via their smartphones, making transactions as easy in Malaysia as they are in China.

Drive Business Growth

Increase the potential of sales for your business with safe and hassle-free cashless payments.

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